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I support candidates of honesty and integrity. I oppose corruption and incompetence.
Candidates I support were invited to join me in the literature distribution. Recommendations are not based upon participation.

No candidates reviewed or approved DanPAC literature.

Democratic Primary

State Attorney- Dennis Ward

26th District Representative- Joe Garcia

State Senator, Dist. 39- Dwight Bullard

Sheriff- Tom Peteck

Mosquito Control District #3- Timothy W. Root

About 500 flyers have the School Board candidates listed as Democrat. Our apologies. All voters can vote for the school board.

School Board Member District 2- Yvette Mira-Talbott

School Board Member District 3- Larry Murray

Republican Primary

Clerk of Circuit Court- Matt Gardi

Sheriff- Bill Grove

General Election

There are candidates who are unopposed in the primary, thus they will not be on the ballot until the general election. Please keep the following candidate(s) supported by DanPAC in mind for the general election.

Joyce Griffin- Supervisor of Elections

Sound File of Hearing

Please check back for more content as the primary approaches.

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